Trangie Attends the 2013 Archibull Prize Awards Ceremony

On Monday the 18th of November Mr Jones and Miss Dorman flew to Sydney with 5 TCS students for the Archibull Prize Awards Ceremony.

An early start (4am) gave the students plenty of time to experience the excitement of boarding a plane (some which had never flown before) and attending the awards ceremony where we were competing against 13 other finalist schools nation-wide. The Clydesdale Room (the Stables) at Sydney Olympic Park was a fabulous venue to showcase the exhibition of the cow artworks.

On arrival we met our young farming champion Richie Quigley and “John Bull” who was driven down by the fantastic Col and Bev Hamilton of Macquarie 2100.  After some final touches and much media spotlight (to Pat’s delight) we were able to soak in the atmosphere and check out the other entries. The competition looked tough; those that caught our eye included a water feature, a super-hero, and a bull that had been planted on grass!

During the ceremony many Young Farming and Eco Champions spoke about their involvement as mentors throughout the competition. We heard from special guest Michael Bullen the Acting Director General of the NSW Department of Primary Industries and also from Sara Leonardi McGrath of MCLEMOI Gallery.

Trangie Central is proud to announce our successful achievement in Program B:

       BEST Cotton Blog

       BEST Overall Blog

       BEST Cotton Artwork

       BEST Overall Artwork (receiving the highest score in the history of the competition)

And overall:

        Reserve Grand Champion

The Grand Champion Archibull Prize was awarded to the school that across ALL components scored the highest mark out of 100. Trangie Central School scored 93 and was awarded 2nd place. We would like to congratulate the winning school Shoalhaven High School for their success by ONLY 1 point.

You can view the entire ceremony at the following link

“John Bull” is now is storage until the 2014 Sydney Royal Easter Show where we hope to visit our artwork on display.







John Bull Judging Day


On Monday the 4th of November our Archibull Prize competition entry was judged by Wendy Taylor of Red Blue Design, who was accompanied by the Art4Agriculture program director Lynne Strong.

Five of our hard working students were selected to represent our school in presenting John Bull to the judges. The students (and teachers) were both eager and nervous for John Bull to be assessed on display in the school’s AV room.

Wendy and Lynne were very impressed with our creative artwork, stating that it was absolutely phenomenal!


Archie Judging Day (2)

Archie Judging Day (1)

Archie Judging Day (3)

Archie Judging Day (4)

Trangie Central is ecstatic to announce that we are in the final 12 and will be taking John Bull to the awards ceremony in Sydney on the 18th of November. Mr Jones and Miss Dorman will fly down with thanks to the generous support of the Macquarie Cotton Growers Association, local businesses and cotton growers with five TCS students.

A huge thank you to Bev and Col Hamilton, who will be delivering John to Sydney on behalf of Macquarie 2100.

John Bull Guest Appearance at Cotton’s Big Night

Archie 016

John Bull’s guest appearance at the Macquarie Cotton Growers Association (MCGA) Awards Dinner features in our local Narromine News. We are overwhelmed by the generous support of the MCGA, as well as local growers and businesses that have kindly assisted our teachers and students travel to Sydney for the Archibull Prize Awards Ceremony on the 18th of November.

Follow the link below to read the article.

Macquarie Cotton Growers Association Awards Dinner

Our Archibull team teachers Mr Troy Jones and Miss Ali Dorman were invited to take John Bull to the Macquarie Cotton Growers Association Awards Dinner last Friday the 25th of October at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo Savannah Room.

Our Archibull was well received by all those involved in the industry on the night. As a result many of those attending the dinner were very generous in their support of our competition entry by providing funding for students and staff to attend the 2013 Archibull Prize Awards Ceremony in Sydney on the 18th of November. We would like to thank these businesses for their contributions towards our school and students.

A special thank you must also go to Julie Wise and Claire Jenkins for their ongoing support and the invitation to attend the awards.

Macquarie Cotton Growers Association Awards Night